20 Million Minds is a leader in the effort to make higher education more accessible, and advocating for affordable textbooks is only the first chapter in their story. After working with California Governor Jerry Brown to support e-textbook funding, 20 Million Minds began looking to do the same in New York. But, as a relatively new west coast non-profit, they had very little name recognition outside of California.  When a last minute opportunity for affordable ad space in Times Square arose, WMG had to conceive, write and produce in less then a week  an ad to attract the attention of potentially millions of viewers.


WMG offered several concepts to the client within 24 hours that included copy, new slogans for the organization and imagery suitable for a large format display. Since no audio could be used, we relied on concise language and visuals that could be recognized with a glance. WMG used footage from state of the art RED cameras to compete with the cluttered media environment of 42nd Street and Broadway.


20 Million Minds was able to seize the opportunity to have their name and message prominently displayed across some of the most desirable ad space in Manhattan. The ad ran during both the Macy’s Day Parade and the New Year’s Eve celebration. With 60,000 cars passing by every day and 450 million annual visitors coming through Times Square, having the 20 Million Minds name up in lights was a no-brainer.

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    20 Million Minds