Adams Morgan


When the media began portraying a nearly $7 million infrastructure project in a prominent Washington, DC community as a liability rather than an asset, Adams Morgan knew they had a rough road ahead.  And a licensing battle with a powerful city agency threatened to put businesses suffering from the construction deeper in the hole.

Strategy & Tactics

WMG helped establish and improve communication between the District agencies, their contractors and utilities with local communities. WMG drafted Op-eds, conducted media training, wrote hearing testimony, created positive story banks and helped the businesses prepare for appearances before the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). After the infrastructure project was complete, WMG created a provocative ad targeting young professionals to let them know about outdoor dining options in Adams Morgan.


The focus shifted from small setbacks to the big picture—the transformation of Adams Morgan into a safer, more appealing community to live and do business. Enthusiastic media coverage of the Mayor’s ribbon cutting hailed “the new and improved Adams Morgan” as “setting the bar high” for similar projects across the city. And the licensing problem? After exposure in the media, the agency revised the regulations, thereby exempting the businesses from the onerous registration requirements.

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    Adams Morgan Business Investment District