The Challenge

More than a dozen years after Arthur Andersen shut its doors over the Enron scandal, a prominent San Francisco tax firm secured the rights to the iconic brand and renamed itself Andersen Tax. The challenge: how to launch the new brand while minimizing the negative history of Andersen’s demise.

Strategy & Tactics

Working with the company’s CEO Mark Vorsatz, WMG:

– Conducted survey research among national and international opinion elites and business leaders on the Andersen brand.

– Using survey research, open source analysis and proprietary data-crunching techniques, crafted messaging and distribution vehicles for targeted outreach.

– Worked with our national network of leading journalists to write positive stories on the launch.

– Developed and deployed a national advertising campaign that targeted financial and business sectors with placements in relevant media outlets.

– Developed and managed a follow-on press and digital campaign for business development and reputational concerns.

– Conducted follow-up research to assess results and offer opportunities to fine-tune the campaign in the future.

The Result

– Months of positive headlines in national and international media outlets and an outpouring of support on digital media. We secured positive initial and long-term coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNBC, and NPR, among others.

– Campaign led to impressive global business development outpacing the growth of the original Arthur Andersen during its rise to global prominence.

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    Andersen Tax