The Challenge

To influence policy makers, opinion leaders, and insurance industry allies to approve a narrow fix to Dodd-Frank legislation, through a nationally targeted campaign.


Capitol hill reporters, key national and trade journalists, Washington D.C. political and economics reporters, the Department of the Treasury, the White House, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and insurance consumers around the country.

Strategy & Tactics

– WMG created a network of journalists nationwide that led to 3,000 mostly positive stories

– A prominent digital and print advertising buy in Washington D.C., featuring a spon sored content series in Politico, ads in DC-focused news publications, and programmatic online display ads.

– Specially crafted events at the National Press Club and Newseum, salon dinners with members of the press, and editorial board meetings

– Affiliated government relations work aimed at Capitol Hill and government agencies

The Result

Legislation needed by MetLife cleared the Senate without a single “no” vote and legislation with 220 cosponsors from both sides of the aisle is pending in the House.

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