Triple Canopy


Over a decade, veteran-founded Triple Canopy quietly built a successful security and mission support business. To define themselves on their own terms in a marketplace tainted by the actions of a few bad actors, the company first came to WMG to help protect its brand and then to execute a highly targeted branding campaign aimed at the defense industry and government officials.


Raise name recognition and positive awareness of Triple Canopy through a research driven, values oriented campaign online and in public transportation locations sure to be noticed by the target audience. With clean, crisp advertising and an innovative online optimization plan, WMG was able to deliver an effective values message at a great value to our client — smart ad buying and quick production turnaround enabled us to secure critical locations at a fraction of market cost.


Our “station domination” of 30 distinct ad spaces in the Pentagon Metro stop generated a flurry of calls, emails and cellphone pictures from DOD officials responding positively to the campaign. Our online measured results of both brand and clickstream metrics far exceeded industry averages for response and engagement. Our intended audience noticed this campaign, and it also drew the attention of the American Marketing Association, which honored us with a 2012 Outstanding Marketer Award.

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